Here’s to all the risk-takers, innovators, independent spirits that are not satisfied with a typical college experience. The School of Design & Marketing is here to redefine your idea of an education and offer you something different.

Powered by one of the leading Design Agency- Mad Men Marketing, we’ve been training and transforming designers into design thinkers since 2014. We know that learning how to be a design thinker can provide you with a fresh perspective on how to satisfy your creative needs and help you become the creative force you always want to be. Our motto is to push designers and transform them into contemporary visual artists, design thinkers and digital marketeers who not only understand the realm of design creation but also the marketing implications attached to them.

With an experience in building brands, School of Design Marketing is looking at introducing a unique method of teaching which is driven by practical knowledge and implementation rather than textbook teaching. Our trainers are not your run of the mill design professors but art and creative directors who are currently working in the industry and make an impact with their knowledge across industries.

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We will be a galvanized educational and creative institute, addressing universal needs through our thought, design and expression.


We ignite curious minds through art, design and service.


We value:

  • COURAGE, to seek our own path
  • INTEGRITY, to pursue our lives and work with meaning
  • KINDNESS, to thoughtfully engage with others
  • COMMUNITY, to positively contribute to the world around us
  • INNOVATION, to meet universal challenges in new ways
  • INCLUSION, to find strength in diversity

SDM Matters

“I’ve been lucky to get teachers who push their students in specific ways based on their skill sets – they build on that. This helps you in the future and in the marketplace. ” Gregory Benford Developer Gaurav Antil Digital Media
“School of Design & Marketing opened my eyes to design and my mind to new possibilities. ” Gregory Benford Developer Amit Working Senior Designer at Spettro Vision pvt ltd.
“If you have the opportunity to attend SODM, that actually prepares you for what it’s like to do strategy in the real world — It’s great! Agencies are looking for people who have tangible skills. Who know how to research. Turn research into insights. Write the creative brief and work with the creative team. The strategy field has exploded. You can be an experience strategist, brand strategist, marketing strategist, or social strategist. There’s lots of opportunity. ” Gregory Benford Developer Shashank Working Senior Graphic Designer at REDTAPE


This is a place where what you make matters, where every piece has value. We’ll nurture your vision in a community dedicated to shaping your creative life and career. Our faculty will inspire, motivate, educate and prepare you for a future as a professional artist or designer. You’ll have opportunities to take on real-world projects, internships and service learning with notable organizations and business partners who recognize SDM’s impact on the region’s creative vitality and its vibrant design community. We arm our students with the creative problem solving and innovative skills desired by today’s employers and useful in entrepreneurial endeavours. We are committed to educating those who will influence contemporary society.

Your SDM education will be both personal and professional. It will be the start of a lifelong pursuit of your creative career where you’ll watch your ideas transform from sketches to rich, inventive reality. We encourage you to join us.